11898897_1020199704677215_8175096717713142615_n.jpg Color War

On the surface, the annual all-camp, two-team, all-out competition is similar to what other camps offer. But as you learn more about the CSL Color War, the more extraordinary it is.  Starting in 2007, this annual program has continually represented the most cutting edge competitions imaginable.  From smoking turkeys to 400 person water balloon wars to creating a massive art installation, Color War is the very essence of CSL and the very height of spirited competition.

11745831_1003068453057007_5663037363133571046_n.jpg Mass Program

This all-camp, one day competition features a substantially themed program that overtakes the community.  All staff and campers are transformed to become professional wrestlers, stranded islanders, medieval knights, etc. competing across myriad of team, group, and individual competitions.  Teams feature campers and staff from all backgrounds who come together to achieve their common goal of the contextual supremacy.

11705323_1009588989071620_2538380422677074898_n.jpg Fight Song

The very essence of village pride, Fight Song has quickly established itself as a centerpiece of the CSL Program. Each village works together through the July session to develop a performance for the ages, highlighting the uniqueness and superiority of each.  This program is the ultimate opportunity to develop skills in teamwork and comradery.  Even those campers without experience or passion in performing become entranced by the opportunity to represent their village on the biggest, most timeless stage CSL offers.

Tikkun-Olam-3 Tikkun Olam

The most essential core value of the CSL Community is the Jewish value, Tikkun Olam (repairing the world). Before anything else, CSL is a community that places value on togetherness in support of causes bigger than any of us. The various Tikkun Olam projects and programs over the years have provided campers opportunities to give back to the CSL community as well as the Jewish communities across the world from soldiers in Israel to synagogues across upstate New York.  Campers have assembled extraordinary contraptions, both physical and programmatic that are each designed to serve generations to come.  

11800281_1008903555806830_1148053652693981134_n.jpg Big Brother/Sister

There are many opportunities for campers of different ages to interact at CSL. All of our younger village campers will have a big brother/sister from Tuscarora (entering 10th grade) and throughout the session there are many occasions when they interact during evening programs. There are also specific meals each week for when we have the big and little brother/sisters sit together.

campstock Campstock

One of the oldest CSL traditions, each session is highlighted with a variety show open to all campers to perform skits, songs, dances, videos, magic, etc.  Bunks often work together on performances while staff also contribute their talents.  Campstock always ends with the oldest campers of each village performing their "graduation skit".

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