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Section 2 - Position Interest
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Bunk Counselor
Activity Counselor
Program Area Specialist (athletics, waterfront, arts & crafts, drama, Israeli culture, Judaics, ropes course, pool, Tiyulim)
Media Specialist (video, photography, social media)
Unit Head
Program Area Leader (athletics, waterfront, arts & crafts, drama, Israeli culture, Judaics, ropes course, pool)
Programming Department
Kitchen Staff
Office Staff
Camp Nurse
If you selected Activity Counselor, Program Area Specialist, or Program Area Leader, which specialties are you interested in? *
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Section 3 - Skills
Outline your background specific to skills which you possess, that gives you the ability to instruct to children of all ages. *
Are you currently a certified lifeguard? *
If yes, when is it current through?
Do you have any other certifications to tell us about? For example, archery, WSI, high ropes, etc.
Below is a short overview of the programs CSL offers. In which areas are you willing to become trained? If you’re experienced in any of these areas, please indicate that above. *
Judaic Education – service prep, educational periods, value based projects, Jewish prayer, and Tikkun Olam
Israeli Culture – geography, culture
Waterfront - sailing, canoeing, waterskiing, paddleboarding, fishing, wakeboarding, boat driving
Camping - hiking, outdoor cooking, environmental education, outdoor skills
Adventure - ropes course, climbing tower, team building, low ropes course
Pool - lifeguard, swim lessons, lifeguard instruction
Athletics - archery, basketball, tennis, softball, soccer
Arts and Crafts - ceramics, general crafts, jewelry making
Drama - theatre games, play production, singing
Music - guitar, sound/stomp
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