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Hello Everyone!

We hope you all had a peaceful Shabbat!

Last Sunday, before Tusc left for their bike trip, we started the week off with a Mishpacha breakfast. We started the Mishpacha program two years ago in order to create more connections between the campers and staff. Once a week, camp sits with their Mishpacha for a meal. Last week, we had our Mishpacha meal Sunday morning, where it was Bar Mitzvah style brunch.

The next few days included bunks being in and out of camp regularly, from the Tusc bike trip, to Onondaga and Cayuga day. We took full advantage of the bunks in camp from a Judaica perspective. We did a Hiddur Mitzvah workshop on Monday and Tuesday with the middle Seneca and Mohawk bunks. They created hamsas in A&C, and then had the opportunity to work on service prep.

On Thursday, we had our 5th Annual CSL Run. As we’ve done this program more and more, we have been able to package it better to the kids. This year, we did the “Rock ‘n Run” and raised money for an organization called ROCmusic, which helps integrate music education in schools. Rabbi Vogel took part in opening ceremonies, explaining the importance of doing mitzvot, raising money, and running in general, in order to keep your body and mind healthy. The energy was electric and the enthusiasm was high just minutes before the run. This summer, we’ve made an effort to incorporate more discussion about philanthropy. We feel it is essential for kids to understand the importance of helping someone they may never meet. 

Friday morning during hobbies, Rabbi Moshe, along with Rishi Hein, came to CSL to work with some of the cooking hobby groups to make challah for Shabbat dinner that evening. Later that night, we had Shabbat dinner and services, put on by all middle bunks in camp. The Parshah, Chukat, describes when God told Moses to speak to the rock, and instead, Moses strikes the rock. The main idea about miscommunication and different perspectives was illustrated through multiple pieces that night, as well as Saturday morning.

Last night, we had another Mishpacha dinner. The holiday this week was Tu Bishvat. Everyone wore green to dinner and we explained that this holiday celebrates the New Year of the Trees. Our hope is to educate kids on a range of holidays and celebrations, both religious and secular, in order to widen their understanding.

We ended this week in the fire circle, as we do every Saturday night, with Havdallah to close Shabbat. After the Havdallah prayers, we went into a song session with a performance by staff as well as campers.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our blogs as much as we have enjoyed writing them – let there be no miscommunication about that! 

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