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Hi everyone! We’ve had a great couple of days since the last post. Although nothing major has happened, Onondaga has been killing it all over camp. Last night, we had an amazing village night that was out of this world! The village was divided up into groups that were each different planets. After decorating their planets, all the groups came back together in the pool to learn a dance routine in the water to mimic what dancing in space could feel like. Next, on the O-field we made an accurate scaled version of the solar system!

“Last night it was village night!! It was so much fun because we needed to align the planets. I was Venus! I learned that Venus is the second planet from the sun. Then we went to the pool to learn some astronaut training! Then we aligned the planets!! It was so much fun!!” - Marley R.


Later, like every Saturday night, Onondaga met up with the rest of camp at the fire circle for Havdala, a song session, and the unveiling of this week’s video.

This morning, bunks were spread out all over camp enjoying the many different activity areas.

“During low ropes this morning my bunk did a lot of games that were challenging. We had to work together to defeat them. One game was really hard but it made us see that not one person is I charge and that we all have to work together. After 20mins of trying to defeat the games we finally defeat it.  After that we had a discussion of how the day went. Overall it was really fun and it brought us closer together” - Kassidy H.

"I had fun going to the pool and playing the game" - Maya M.

"Soccer was really fun because we played in the gaga pit" - Dani B.

 Tonight, rather than going to an evening program, we have hobbies! Don’t forget to check back later for some more posts!


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