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The basketball marathon is a Mohawk tradition that does a lot more for the campers than just improve their basketball skills. This day is special because, unlike other days, from sun up to sun down, we are constantly playing basketball.  While the kids learn a lot about the sport, the biggest takeaway from the program is to understand how to work together to finish a task that is strenuous and, at times, boring. To have a whole 12 hour day completely set aside to constantly play basketball, or at least dribbling a ball, may sound like a simple task, but as fatigue starts to set in, it can be difficult to stick with it.  The boys have to work together as a community to make sure that the marathon lasts as long as possible.

The day is filled with various activities.  There are exhibition games, tournaments, and special games for the whole village to participate in that are mixed in along with free play on the courts. Even if it rains and thunders, we go to a safe, indoor location and watch basketball related movies while campers take turn dribbling a ball to keep the marathon alive.  All in all, the marathon is a great way to promote individual and group achievement while having fun along the way.

"A great part of the basketball marathon is the three on three tournament. It puts you in a tough position because you have to become a team with 2 people you've never played with before. Right now, my team is in the semifinals for the tourney. It's so cool that there is a chance I can win. Seeing how well my team came together in such a short amount of time really shows that Mohawk cares about the basketball marathon."  - Mark K.

"One of my favorite parts of today's Mohawk Basketball Marathon was the bunk vs bunk 4v4 games. It was fun when my bunk, M-3, challenged the other middle bunk to a game. We wanted to win to feel a sense of pride in ourselves and to make our staff proud too.  We fought hard and played a competitive game, but lost to M-4. We may not have had the best basketball players in middle Mohawk, but we still had fun and held our own."  - Matthew S.

"The closing ceremonies of the marathon were an interesting twenty minutes. First, I made a buzzer beater to win the 3-3 tournament. And then, after a couple close calls, I hit the half court shot to end the marathon. I really enjoyed those couple of minutes because it t gave me the chance to prove myself in front of the entire village.  I'm sure I will never forget them."  - Moses M.


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