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July 20th

Hello! It has been a jam-packed couple of days! Last night all of Onondaga went on our Tiyul, or campout. Even though we only went to the M-field, we still had a blast! After we pitched our tents, we split into different groups to make skits about a specific bug. Each group acted out a story explaining how their bug got a specific characteristic. The stories were hilarious and a great start to the night. Next, we enjoyed s’mores, the classic campout dessert. Since fight song is Thursday, we took advantage of the time together and practiced a lot of fight song. By that point it was pretty late so everyone retreated back to their tents for unlimited flashlight time.  This morning we woke up, disassembled our tents, and had breakfast with the rest of camp.

"Last night was our camp out! It was so much fun! The tiyulim staff planned our whole night out! First, we went to the Mohawk field and set up our tents. Next, Jane assigned us groups and we had to act out a silly and funny life cycle of an insect. After that, we had some YUMMY s'mores!!!! We then went back to our tents, and set up our sleeping bags up, and hung out with the people in our tents." - Mayim S.

Fight song is tomorrow and we could not be more excited. We are confident that this is the summer Onondaga will be victorious. The dedication to the program that Onondaga has is incredible. Each girl has put in so much time and hard work into this performance there is no way we could lose!

"Tomorrow is fight song and Onondaga's gonna win and take home the trophy! We just had fight song prep and it went very well! Everyone was paying very good attention. I am so exited for tomorrow win or lose! All I know is Onondaga worked so hard and tomorrow we are going to go on the stage and try our hardest and hopefully that's enough to win!" - Leah S.

It is hard to believe that session one is already almost over! We have a lot of fun things planned for the last few days so be sure to keep checking for more updates! 


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