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Love, peace, Mohawk day. These are the things all great civilizations strive for. Mohawk day is a special day, as it is one dedicated to the village of Mohawk. On Mohawk day, the Mohawk boys are rounded up on busses and shipped out of camp for a day of fun, adventure and regulated danger.

M day, as the kids call it, and the staff, started off with the breakfast of pancakes and French toast sticks, accompanied by a wide assortment of three toppings. After the first meal of the day, the morning was spent partaking in Mohawk's favorite softball league, the Mohawk National League. After the games concluded, the boys headed out of camp and found our way to Big Don's Wild River. There, we played intense rounds of outdoor laser tag and engaged in water warfare.

After departing Big Don's, we headed to a pavilion of sorts, practiced our fight song and destroyed 9 sheets of pizza like paper in a hurricane while a tornado also occurred. They went fast.

To finish the day, we watched a baseball game, a classic Mohawk day move.  It was the Chiefs vs the Braves. Our boy Dunaif got the whole village free hats. They were pretty snazzy. We managed to get on the big screen with Charles R. dressed as a pizza.

As the sun started to set, we headed back home, tired and satisfied.  It was like that feeling after you eat just too much. To round it all off we got laundry back, so clean clothes for all.

- Daniel Kirsh

"My favorite part of Mohawk day was the baseball game.  I love to watch baseball game and I especially loved the baseball game because baseballs #1 prospect was pitching for the Chiefs.  I also got to watch players that have played games in the MLB.  At the game the pretzels were also very good.  I had so much fun at the ball game with all of my Mohawk brothers."  - Leo L.

"Yesterday, on Mohawk Day, we went to a recreational place where one of the activities was a water maze. This was very fun because we were all trying to find our way through a maze while shooting at the others in the maze with water guns at the same time. The group that I was doing it with didn't know how wet we would get, and we ended up getting all of our clothes wet, including our shoes. Despite have wet clothes for the following hours, I still had a great time."  - Ben S.

"The laser tag on m day was the best . The battle ground was so great.  There was an amazing look out tower on each side where you could snipe other players. It was really hard because you could only get points from head shots, but it was still so fun.  There were about 7 people on each team, and the skill was pretty even.  The only way to put it into words is that it felt like a real life video game."  - Richard L.



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