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It’s almost the end of the session and we’ve had the pleasure of seeing every bunk numerous times.  They have all made their way through the three areas of the Waterfront at least once, if not more so.  However, yesterday at the Waterfront was a unique day.  We started off with Tusc in the morning; they’re always a swell time.  Their periods run a bit differently than the normal daily catch (periods).  Lately, what Tusc has done at the Waterfront has been completely up to them.  We give them the option of switching between the three areas or staying at one for the duration of the morning.  They love the freedom of getting to choose what they partake in and we don’t mind not having to switch either.  At this point in their camp careers, they are fairly proficient in whatever they are doing down here.  They’re getting up on their first try skiing and sailing without staff members.  It showed yesterday, as it was a really fun, easy, and stress free morning.  This Tusc in particular was the first group of campers that I had as a first year counselor back in 2012.  It’s awesome to see them reach this point in their camp career and lead the rest of camp as they end their camper years. 

What made yesterday so unique is that we went from having the oldest kids in camp to having the youngest kids that we get all summer.  Every year, JCC Camp Sisol visits us and we get to run some activities with them.  These campers are potential future CSL kids and it’s great to show them a little bit of what we do here.  Usually, we only take their groups for a quick boat ride because some of them aren’t used to the water.  However, yesterday we made the call to take them banana boating (a CSL staple).  It turned out to be a great afternoon.  I’ve never been asked to “go faster” so many times in my life. 

We work down here because our passion is giving kids the same opportunity to learn water skills that we did.  Yesterday was a good reminder that campers will always reach Tusc and age out, but there are always going to be fresh faces to teach skills to.  Although I don’t know what my future at CSL looks like, I am proud to have had this opportunity.  I will leave the greatest place on earth, knowing that kids will continue to come through this Waterfront and leave more confident individuals. 

- Quentin LeVant 


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