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July 22nd 

Hi all, unfortunately last night the village of Onondaga was not crowned the Fight Song champions of 2016. A big congratulations to Mohawk! We may be the only village that hasn't won, but that just gives us more motivation for next summer. The staff are extremely proud of each of our girls for all of the hard work they put into Fight Song. It is amazing that in just about two weeks we were able to teach young girls such a complicated performance. We were definitely disappointed that we didn't win, but the work ethic and dedication the Onondagans demonstrated throughout this process is unbelievable. The skills developed through learning Fight Song will stay with them forever.

"I love Fight Song because it is a great program that brings villages together for a chance to show their talent. This year, 2016, Mohawk took the trophy as they never have before. It was sad to be reminded that Onondagas name will not be on the trophy this year. Even though we didn't win, we did our best and truly won inside. It was a great accomplishment to be titled Fight Song hero, besides the fact that everyone is a Fight Song hero. Overall, Fight Song was a great experience for everyone all over camp." -Ella J. 

"Fight Song is an awesome program at camp. I'm always so excited to compete every year. Even though we had an amazing Fight Song and performance, we did not win. Since I am in oldest Onondaga, I was very upset that we did not win, but it was still an amazing experience anyways" -Dylan C.

"Fight Song is one of my favorite things at camp. This is my fourth year at camp, and I still have never won. But that does not matter, because all of Onondaga did an awesome job. We all had smiles on our faces and a ton of energy. All the villages were amazing, Cayuga's was creative, Seneca was so in sync, Mohawk was hilarious, Tusc was amazing overall, and Onondaga had so much energy! All of the villages did an awesome job." -Logan H. 

Our Beyoncé themed performance would've made Queen B herself proud. We will come back better than ever next summer! There is only one day of session one left... Where did the time go? Check back Sunday for another post!


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