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Hi again!

It is hard to believe that Session 1 is already over.  It feels like just yesterday 56 Onondagans were running off the bus. Over the past three and a half weeks, life long friendships were made. People who were strangers just a short time ago now are like family.  Camp is such a special place because everyone is always growing and maturing. This is especially true and evident in Onondaga. By participating in events such as Mass Program and Fight Song, they all accomplished so much, regardless of their age. Below is a quote from Rachel L., the oldest Onondagan chosen to represent the village at the final campfire last night.

“As a youngest camper, I would always participate in water balloon fights. They were the highlight of my rest hour. The oldest Onondagans would always lead by filling the water balloons and organizing the participants. Now as an oldest Onondagan myself, I remember the times being in O-1, but now I have a different role in our sisterhood. I enjoy talking to the girls on O-1, listening as they tell me stories about a fun bunk night, or sing me a surprisingly catchy song about a counselor swimming to London. All of these things show me how much being in Onondaga is like having 56 extra sisters. “


A big highlight of this session was Mass Program. You may think a young Onondagan would get lost in the chaos, however each girl made a difference for their team one way or another. 

"Mass program was really fun. It didn't really matter to me if I won or not because I had so much fun. I was on the spades. My favorite activity was dodge ball" - Hannah G.

Another major event of the summer was of course Fight Song. Even though we did not take home the trophy, the skills learned while we prepared for it were still worth it in the end. The campers each developed a strong work ethic that will definitely come in handy for the rest of their lives.

Last night, the session wrapped up with a batman themed final banquet. We then went on to havdala and the traditional closing ceremonies. Final campfire is always an emotional time filled with camp songs, speeches, and some tears.  














“Batman…Batman… the theme was amazing!”- Lindsay S.

Time really does fly by when you are having fun. Thank you to each onondagan that helped make this such an unforgettable session! We already miss you and hope to see you all return next summer.  




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