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Session 2 has officially begun and it's been off to a great start. Middle Seneca went to Israel where they participated in a woman's empowerment program. Maya S., S-3, wrote "This morning, my bunk and I had Israel. We discussed what first comes to mind when you hear the word 'girl.' We were all saying types of adjectives and then, Noa, Israel staff, asked us all to dress up like a girl. My bunk was split into two teams. My team picked me to be the person dressed up. We all thought about what we were gonna put me in. We decided that you don't need to be dressed up to be a girl so I stayed in my sporty clothes. We put on a fashion show and then had a discussion about what is going on in the world today regarding women. This discussion was really meaningful to me and my bunk as a whole. I really hope we get an opportunity to participate in a program like this again." Woman's empowerment is really important to us in Seneca because we are a village of growing young ladies. We want to teach our girls that it's important to be themselves and they don't have to act any certain way. They are beautiful and unique and special in their own ways. 

The youngest Senecans are getting acclimated in the village and they couldn't fit in better. Shosh H., said "Seneca is different than Daga because it's less divided. Instead of having a family in the cabin, it's a whole village together. It's like you have a family everywhere." We have an excellent group of girls again and we can't wait to see what the rest of the session has in store. 


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