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July 29th - July 31st 

Hello everyone! Session 2 2016 is off to an amazing start! We had one normal day followed by Shabbat on Friday night into Saturday. Shabbat at CSL looks very different than every other day of the week. Rather than eating breakfast in the dining hall, we eat bagels as a village right in Onondaga. After Saturday morning services, the whole camp has a picnic lunch on the Mohawk field. When lunch is over, we have discussion groups by bunk to further understand that weeks parsha. Instead of having normal periods in the afternoon, we have an extended rest hour followed by Shabbat choice.

"During Shabbat choice I got to go to high ropes. At ropes I went on the rock wall and climbed all the way to the top. I love Shabbat because we have services as a whole camp and sing songs" - Haley K.

After Shabbat choice, we had our first mishpacha dinner. Each camper is assigned a camp family who they will continue to eat Saturday dinner with and do evening programs with throughout the summer. For this program, each mishpacha went on a cruise and walked around camp doing different cruise activities. Then, based on how many activities your family completed, you got to choose an excursion. Some excursions included making s'mores or learning Color War history. To conclude the night, each mishpacha sat together for havdala.

Today we had our first hobby session. Hobbies are a special time because the Onondagans aren't necessarily with their bunkmates so they get to meet other people while learning a new skill or practicing something they love.

"Today we had hobbies!!! I got junior hobby tour! Junior hobby tour is where you get a little taste of all the hobbies. Today, we made snow out of shaving cream and baking soda and we had a snowball fight." - Harper C.

It is already clear that this session has a great group of Onondagans ready to take on whatever this summer brings! Stay tuned for more updates!!



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