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We hope everyone had a peaceful Shabbat!

We were sad to see Session 1 end, but are extremely excited for Session 2! We have so many campers this session that were here session 1, so we’ve made a point to change all of the Judaica periods so no camper is doing the same thing twice! Additionally, we’ve taken the advice and feedback from the campers and have integrated their suggestions into the curriculum for Session 2.

Since the session started on a Thursday, we had 2 session campers put on this Shabbat, which allowed us to start working with them before they went home for intersession. This week’s Parshah was Parshat Pinchas, which talked about choices. Moses had to divide up the Promised Land, and chose to use a lottery system in order to keep it fair and equal among all of the Jewish people. We focused on the idea of choice because Moses exercised his ability to choose the way in which he wanted to split up the land. He had the ability, the privilege, and the responsibility to make a choice. We were extremely impressed with all of the hard work put into services this past week. The bar was definitely set high.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with many of the Rabbis in the area, bringing them in to do challah-making workshops, along with educating the campers on important lessons as they relate to Judaica.

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Rachel Philipson and Ari Jaffe 

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