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Hobbies started yesterday. Hobbies give everyone in every village a chance to pick something they are interested in and want to focus their energy on, a time to do so. Everyone in the village has picked something different from waterskiing to pit cooking to social media takeover. “My hobby is ‘Body by Cat.’ I absolutely love it! We do a lot of CrossFit workouts. They are hard, intense and a lot of fun. It also takes your mind off of everything. Overall, I can’t wait to go back to hobbies even though it can be hard. It is super rewarding.” –Ariella Y., S-4

 “Last night, the whole village of Seneca did the Seneca County Fair! Our counselors told us to dress as crazy as possible so everyone put on tutus and power buns. We went to the O-Rec and got into our Seneca families. First, the older girls taught the youngest girls our cheers. After that, we had a cookout for dinner. It was super yummy. Once everyone was done with their food, each family received six tickets. Stations were set up all around the outside of the O-Rec. each family got to go to every station and depending how they did, we could win more tickets. Some of the stations were 3-legged race, face paint, water balloon toss and shaving cream “pie” to the face. We ended up getting into a massive shaving cream fight which was really fun. When it all settled down, the family with the most tickets in the end got to pick a special prize. They were dodgeball under the lights, story time with Gaby, dance party and bracelet making. I had a great time. The Seneca Fair was such a great idea; I think everyone had a lot of fun.” –Ellie S., S-4

The session is off to a great start. Bunk night is tonight so you'll be updated via Instagram and the blog on Wednesday so stay tuned!


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