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Hi again! Last night was the annual big sister/little sister program, planned by the Tusc girls! Each Tuscarora girl was paired with one or two Onondagans as their big sister. They become a major role model for them, not only on the night of the program, but throughout the whole summer.  We told the girls we were heading down to the waterfront for a village night but the Tusc girls were actually waiting for them to reveal the program.

“Last night, we met our big sisters. All of the Tusc girls ran behind the sick tents and surprised us. I was paired up with Sasha and Lauren. After I met my sisters, we decorated cupcakes with pink, green, and blue frosting. Then, we all ate the delicious frosted cupcakes. Next, we all went back behind the sick tents and all the sisters stood in a circle. All of a sudden we all started picking up pudding in bowls and started throwing pudding at our sisters. Once we all had pudding all over we went to rinse off in the lake. We all started splashing each other and danced to the music playing. Soon after, we got out of the water and had a dance party. It was a lot of fun. It was one of my favorite nights at camp!!” - Ella S.

“Last night was super fun!  My big sister was Lindsey. We decorated cupcakes and had a pudding fight it was really gross and messy but it was really fun. Then washed off in the lake and it was really cold and everybody  got soaking wet! Then we had a dance party it was really fun.” - Ruby F.


A big thank you to the Tusc girls for putting together such a special night! Today the girls sat with their big sisters at breakfast and got canteen with them after lunch!

This afternoon the whole village has service prep to get ready for Onondaga/Mohawk Shabbat on Friday. Make sure to check back Thursday for another post!


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