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Color War X is unlike any other Color War CSL has seen before. Usually, the Tuscarorans of the summer break the program to the rest of camp. But for Color War X, around 70 alumni of Camp Seneca Lake returned to help break and run the program, with the help of the Tuscarorans. Just 24 hours into the 48-hour program, it is already clear how special and different Color War X is because it reunites the past with the present. Reminiscent of Color War One, the program broke with bagpipe players who led the long line of alumni, wearing vintage Color War apparel, into the fire circle.

Former Tuscarora 2007 campers, the summer the program was born, were painted red and blue as they were for the original break. This was the start of the central theme of Color War X. This summer’s program is intended to combine the best and most iconic parts of the preceding nine wars. In order for the red or blue team to win this Color War, they must compete in athletic, intellectual, and creative events.

During certain parts of the program, every person on both teams is allocated to different parts of camp in order to compete. This way, campers and staff can focus on and showcase one specific skill. The other major pieces of the program are known as Signature Events, where the entire team works together in order to conquer a task. At this point in time, Red and Blue are head to head and the winner still remains unknown. Day 1 has been full of excitement and we are ready to take on Day 2. See you there. 

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