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Dearest friends of CSL,

This past weekend, 55 Tuscarorans competed in their final Color War as campers. As many of you know, Color War is an intense and perennial program at CSL that divides us into two teams, red and blue. Over the course of the three-day program, the entire community participated in a number of competitions that were equally athletic, artistic, and creative. This year, CSL held its 10th Color War, which featured the greatest signature events of all the previous Color Wars combined. Over 100 former CSL alumni, including members of Tuscarora 2015, returned here to assist the Programming Staff officiate and set up the events. Among the most notable events of this year’s Color War included “the Aqueduct”—a water brigade from the waterfront to the Mohawk Field—“Infernocopia”—a race to pop balloons set above a fire—as well as “Radiance”—an intricate competition aimed for the Senior Campers to launch 10 luminaries into the air. Similar to last year’s program, Color War X was incredibly close. In fact, Associate Director Ari Baum announced at one point that the lead changed over 18 times. As a Tuscarora staff member, I was proud to see each one of our Senior Campers support their younger teammates. On both sides of the M-Field, blue and red Tuscarorans rallied their teams to the finish. From helping their teams complete long term projects such as the ‘Mosaic,’ the ‘Showdown’ performance, or ‘Village’ construction, the Senior Campers of 2016 stepped out of their comfort zones to help their respective teams win. Here is what some Tuscarorans had to say:

Madi W.

Color War X has been, by far, my favorite Color War yet. Having experienced four prior Color Wars, Color War X has been the most fun, and made me feel very included. Being a Senior Camper, I was able to lead a lot of cheers for the Red Team, and encourage younger and newer campers to push themselves and try their hardest. Although my team lost, I still feel that I left everything on the Mohawk Field, and my final Color War here at Camp Seneca Lake is one I will never forget.

Ishai M.

Color War X was a fundamentally different experience being in Tusc. This year, Color War was more about finishing without regrets than having fun. I did a lot this year—I played in floor hockey, volleyball, speedball, flag football, a dance-long-term project, and an Ironman event, a Tusc-only triathlon. In addition, we had to sleep in tents in the Mohawk field for the duration of Color War. We did not sleep there very well but at the end of the long day we fell asleep almost immediately. Color War was stressful and tiring, but overall was a very fulfilling experience. I have no regrets, I did everything to the best of my ability, and I tried my hardest.

Aaron C.

Color War. Red vs. Blue. Simple. That was the basis of the program in 2007, the first Color War ever. Now in 2016, Color War has turned into a totally different experience. Still Red vs. Blue. Still one goal to win. Yet the intensity has jumped to a whole new level. Color War is the most physically and mentally demanding experience I have ever been involved in. Color War X has completely changed the game, win or lose. Every single person gave their heart in whatever they did. And after it was all over, we all had to come back together as one team and as one camp.

Ronnie H.

My Tusc Color War was very meaningful to me and has impacted me more than imagined. This summer was and still is a place where we can lead the camp. Color War is just one example of when we have a huge leadership role. For me, I was able to show off this skill, just a little more, through leading cheers on the Red Team, or having a lot of energy. Throughout these couple of days, my fellow Tuscarorans and I worked so hard that by the end our minds and bodies were drained when we all found out who won Color War—Blue. I cried for a long time afterwards. At first the only reason why I was crying was because my team had lost, but it was mainly because it was my last Color War as a camper. Also, hugging my fellow Tuscarorans on the Red and Blue teams helped make me realize how fast a summer of memories can go by. Completing Color War together is just one of the few achievements our Tusc has made. More importantly, the program helped me realize how much you have to cherish every moment you have because they go by so quickly.

Till next time,


Tuscarora Media Representative 


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