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Hi everybody! Yesterday was the Tuscarora triathlon culmination. Although it was the Tusc campers that were completing it, each camper played a supportive role. All Mishpachas cheered on their Tusc campers. We were rewarded with frozen yogurt and a sleep in! Today was sort of a backwards day. Rather than having periods in the morning and a bunk night we did a bunk morning and evening periods. Bunk mornings included painting a plaque, creating bunk shirts, and organizing a canteen protest.


"Today we had a bunk morning. I'm in O-5. We made posters to protest to get canteen. We chanted at the office saying, "Save our lives give canteen to O-5!" It was so fun. Allison Plotnick said she could hear us from upstairs of the office, so she gave us the key! We sprinted to canteen and unlocked the door. Then, once inside, we got candy and a juice box. We ate our candy with a great feeling of accomplishment. It was so delicious, but best of all SO MUCH FUN! CSL is always so eventful and is the place of awesome memories that I will always remember for the rest of my life. I'm sad to leave but can't wait to come back next year to my home away from home." - Sophie K.

"Today we had bunk morning! Bunk Morning is like Bunk Night but in the morning! For bunk morning we made t-shirts! I had so much fun bonding with my bunkmates. All my friends signed the back of my t-shirt so I will always remember them!" - Harper C.

Sadly, there are only a few days left of #CSL2016 but the village of Onondaga is going to make the most of every minute!


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