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Monday, August 15th wasn't just any other day in the world of Camp Seneca Lake; it was Mohawk Day. The kids ventured out early to our first destination in Rochester, NY. We arrived at Buffalo Bills training camp and the kids ate it up. They loved talking fantasy football with each other and seeing the likes of Tyrod Taylor and Sammy Watkins perform. After departing for lunch, we arrived at Cobbs Hill Park for an intense two hours of bubble ball soccer. They enjoyed running into each other and getting an insane workout. Once they finished sprinting under the blazing heat, the Mohicans boarded the buses one final time to head to Palm Island Water Park in Batavia, NY. At the waterpark, kids went down huge slides, played water basketball, and relaxed in the hot tub. It was an incredible end to a great day. Mohawk had never seen a village day quite like the one in August of 2016. As the session comes to an end, Mohawk day only reaffirmed the closeness of the village. Kids spread their wealth and sat with new friends on the bus, played euchre, and tried a plethora of new things. This summer has been a movie in the making and as we reach our final scenes I am confident that the picture we have created will be the greatest of all time.


Andrew Dunaif (M-4 Counselor)

"The bills training camp was super fun. We watched the football players practice.  There was also a section for kids where we could kick, punt and throw some footballs.  When we first got in, everybody got a lot of free stuff and candy! The bills practice was good. We all got to see every single player. On the bus ride to the next location I passed my house!  It felt like a long ride on the bus. So far, this M-Day has been a blast!"  - Eric H.


"The other day was village day for everyone.  One of our activities during Mohawk day was bubble ball extreme.  Bubble ball extreme is when you get into giant inflatable balls and try to knock each other down.  My favorite part was when Ike Davidson ran into me.  Ike plays football, and his position is linebacker, so he is really strong.  I went flying, but the ball kept me safe."  - Mitchell H.

"Mohawk Day was really fun! I liked when we went to the water park. There were two slides, both were really fast. The orange slide was slower than the green slide, but I liked the orange slide better because it was more calm, and it had cool lights. The park was really fun and one of the counselors almost won a drone at the arcade. I really had a great Mohawk Day."  - Zach W.


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