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As I sit here watching my bunk pack, it is hard to believe this is my final blog post of the summer. It feels like just yesterday I was introducing myself at the start of staff orientation. Two sessions later, the end is near. 2016 was an incredible summer full of exciting signature programs such as Fight Song and Color War, but also full of small special moments like bunk nights and Shabbat walks. Although we are all leaving tomorrow, the memories created over the past two months will remain with us forever. Throughout the past three and a half weeks the staff have watched these young girls transform into independent young women, capable of taking care of themselves and we couldn’t be more proud. We, as a staff, would like to thank the Onondagans for the endless hugs, laughs, and wild dance parties. It is the genuine love we all have for eachother that makes this village special. Tomorrows breakfast will bring the inevitable tears as we hug and go our separate ways, but at CSL we don’t say goodbye, we only whisper see you soon. I hope to see you all again soon.    

Erica Roos 

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