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As I reflect on summer 2016 at CSL, it’s hard to imagine a single moment without the constant presence of the village of Tuscarora. Throughout both sessions, the Senior Campers of Tuscarora 2016 have excelled in all areas of CSL life. They have been role models, mentors, and leaders in signature programs such as Mass Program, Fight Song, and Color War X. The ‘vibe’ or spirit of the village has always been positive. We, as a Tusc staff, have truly been impressed by the cooperative nature of the entire village. While T16, like previous Tusc groups, have certainly struggled to initially ‘buy into’ the village code—that is, to seek to continually respect each other and CSL as a whole—this Tusc is not the same. For many, key events such as the Bike Trip around Seneca Lake have helped establish the incredible culture in Tuscarora you see today. In response, CSL has often looked to the Senior Campers to lead and take ownership of all aspects of camp life. Many programs in both July and August, including the Big Brother Little Brother programs at the waterfront, have given our Senior Campers numerous leadership opportunities. In addition, Tusc’s awesome involvement in organizing the July Banquet, executing Fight Song, and putting together this weekend's Shabbat service will forever more serve as a benchmark for what ‘mosaic’ a group of Senior Campers at CSL can produce.

Moving forward, the entire Tuscarora 2016 staff is excited to ‘graduate’ all 55 of its Senior Campers. Each one of them has grown immensely in these last two months at CSL. They have become better athletes, musicians, artists, and rappers. Yet, more importantly, they have become better people. This Tusc, T16, is prepared to take the skills, lessons, and experiences they have gained at CSL to their lives outside of camp. They have gained the tools that will lay the groundwork for becoming superb staff members and mentors at this summer camp. The future of Camp Seneca Lake has never been so bright. You have all been changed for the better. See you soon.

With love always,


Tuscarora Media Representative


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