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These past few days in Cayuga have been hectic and action packed. Once the campers got here, they were introduced to the staff at a block party wiith music, games and fun bonding activities . 

After this, the village went round to each program area to learn the rules, as well as get a tour of camp. This included the Pool, Waterfront and getting bunk photos taken. After this, there was dinner, and then CFL (Cayuga Football League), where the village is split into 6 teams and play football in a league. After this, it was time for a village bonfire before bed.

The last days have been normal periods such as Arts & Crafts and Drama. However, tonight was when the village all got older brothers. This is when the male Tusc campers (oldest village) all get their own little brother from Cayuga. They talk, sit together at lunch, and even help each other with daily tasks. But as well as that, they also do special events. 

Tonight's special event was Ninja School. Each brother pair had to learn how to be a Ninja. Events included making a mask, breaking a watermelon with rubber bands, brother dance party race, and elastic band gun games. It ended with a huge water balloon fight and s'mores in the village.

That's just a few things to mention, staff and campers alike are having a great time. I am so excited for the summer ahead.

 Signing off,

Matt Helman


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