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Hi everyone! The first few days of Session 2 2017 have been amazing. It's hard to believe we've already had a Shabbat, but it was a great opportunity for the Onondagans to rest up. The following day, we had hobbies which is an activity each camper picks to focus on for the summer. 

"My hobby is Kitchen Confidential. It is super fun!! The first hobby session, we made sugar cookies. They were delicious!! We got to decorate them with frosting and sprinkles. It was very fun and exciting!! I'm sure in the next hobby sessions we will cook very good food!!" Dani B. 

The past few days have been full of regular periods such as time at the Pool, Waterfront, and Athletics. We've even gotten canteen! 

Tonight's evening program is a special one known as Big-Little. Each Tusc girl is paired with a few little Onondagan sisters. Together they competed a series of science experiments including exploding volcanos, homemade lip balm, and ooblec puddy. Throughout the night, the campers got to know each other. The final experiment was homemade ice cream. It was a delicious way to end the night together! 

"Hi my name is Marley Reiner and I'm in O-4 tonight's program was the Big-Little program!! It was so fun! The first thing we did was when we got back from General Swim and they ran and broke it to us! My big sister is Sarah L. and she is so awesome. The next thing we did was walk to the tennis courts and it was sooo fun I felt really excited!" Marley R. 

Check back soon for another post from the Big-O!



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