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Its time for another thought of the day!! 

"The mac and cheese is so much better this summer than it has been in the past."

Hannah W. - Tusc

"Hi mom and dad, thank you for sending me here. I am having an amazing summer. I never want to go home."

Lily S. - Tusc

"Triathlon training is hard, but in the end it will be worth it. I also love my little sisters, they are so sweet. I am looking forward to making stronger bonds with people and Color War."

Jordyn K. - Tusc

"MAL is getting really competitive. Everyone is doing a really good job. Especially the sportsmanship, it has been really good this session."

Hudson R. - Mohawk

"Make the most out of any moment and don't let any chance pass you by."

Brayden M. - Mohawk

"In oldest Mohawk, I've gained leadership, and it is really fun being a leader of Mohawk."

Nathan G. - Mohawk

"Camp is very fun because of all the sports and activities. You get to make new friends, help people and have fun every day."

Isabella T. - Onondaga 

"We're psyched for our Tiyul today. We're excited to go to this natural pool and backpacking with Diana. Our favorite thing is the gorp. Low ropes this morning helped bring us together as a bunk using teamwork to prepare us for this campout."

Alison F. and Talia L. - Seneca

"I love Waterfront, SSL, my counselors and bunkmates. I am really, really, really looking forward to Color War!"

Ariella Y. - Seneca


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