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Hi everybody! It’s been a great few days here in Onondaga. Between the pretty regular days we’ve had, there has been some exciting evening programs such as a bunk nights, a village night, and evening hobbies!

“Yesterday we had a bunk night which means that each bunk did something special of there own for the evening program. My bunk had a spa night in which we did face masks and yoga/relaxation on the docks! It was super fun and I think everyone in my bunk can agree.” Hannah R.

“For village night we painted the counselors according a theme. They were all different. They all did different poses for a museum. We wrote plaques explaining the paintings. I had a lot of fun” Naomi M.

“My hobby is Rocks and Ropes. Yesterday night was the first time we did high ropes instead of low ropes. We did the slack line and the rock wall. The ropes staff built us a fire to hang out at. I love my hobby!” Sasha R.

A lot of exciting things are coming soon so make sure to check back for another post!

Erica Roos 

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