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Cayuga is in full swing at this point, the Cayugan Cubs and their staff are having the best time of their lives at the moment. From normal periods, to Hobbies and even the chanting during the meal times.

We had our village night, this is when the whole village does a program that is designed and planned by the Cayuga staff. This one was "Acting Qchool 101", the group was split into teams, there were multiple stations such as movie trivia and fun facts, how to do a fight scene with pool noodles, how to make a straight face with water in your mouth and people trying to make you laugh, musical sing along, and improv games. As well as that each team then had to end by making a trailer, and presenting to the village. This was a load of fun, and everyone had a great time.

We also had evening Hobbies, when the campers did a hobby session but later then usual. The main hobbies in Cayuga for this session are Junior Sports Zone, Junior Hobby Tour and Sailing. Hobbies are great as the campers picked what they like, and it's 2 hours of fun with different villages and staff.

We also had an All Camp Program that was planned by the Israeli staff to teach the campers and staff all about Israeli culture. This included learning Hebrew, writing notes to put in the Kotel, obstacle course and boot camp, and many more. Teaching the campers Israeli culture as well as the non-Jewish campers and staff, this was a fun filled night, as well as an educational one.

Noah T. " I really like the pool and going swimming. I also like the counselors, I'm having so much fun. Camp is awesome!"

As you can tell there is so much going on at the moment, and these are only a few of the many activities going on in Cayuga so far!


Signing off,

Matt Helman


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