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The village of Mohawk is now in full swing! Staff and campers are settling back into place at camp and becoming more familiar with how the village is running this summer. Youngest and Middle Mohawk have already gone on their Tiyuls for this summer, while oldest has yet to go on their Tiyul. “This week we had a Tiyul at Watkins Glen. It went very well, we even saw a Nascar rolling down the street.”- Ben L., M-2

Hobby sessions are now expanding to become their true meaning, to teach kids the skills they want to learn. Hobby sessions are one of the best parts of camp in my experience. “This past week we have had two hobby sessions. On Wednesday, August 2nd, we had evening hobbies. Evening hobbies are where instead of having an ACP (all camp program), or a PUP (program unit program), you go to your hobby and have a fun time until snack. Today, Friday, August 4th, we had morning hobbies for the first three periods of the day. I am in the Speedball hobby group. We started playing league today. League is where we make teams for the session and try to win the league. My team lost most of the games today but the good thing is that everyone had fun.”- Noah B., M-6

This summer a new tradition has started in Mohawk. We are calling it “Tikun-o-Hawk”. In essence, this program has campers picking up garbage around camp that they see. The campers then tell their counselors how many pieces of trash they have found and the numbers are recorded. At the end of the week, 6 winners are chosen, one from each bunk, and awarded a prize. At the end of the summer, one camper will be crowned victorious in their efforts for picking up the most trash in camp.

Mohawk still has a long way to go this summer. With eight full days having gone by, we still have two full weeks to go in Session 2. I am positive Mohawk can make a difference in this camp.

Signing off,

Josh Fenster




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