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Since you’ve last heard from us, Seneca has been up to a great number of fun and exciting activities. One such activity was our evening program last night called “Sene-saves.” This program was based on the concept of the movie Beauty and the Beast where princess Belle breaks the mold of previous iconic Disney princesses by saving herself instead of being rescued by a “knight in shining armor.” Therefore, we had our girls work as a team in order to piece together clues to help save staff member Max Krieger. They collected letters at different areas around camp which, at the end of the program, they unscrambled revealing a message that instructed them on where to find and rescue Max. Senecan Zoe M. said, “I liked that we went around with our Seneca sisters and were able to work together to solve the puzzle and find Max.” Fellow Senecan Sofia B. chimed in about her experience with the program saying, “I thought the program was fun and not like anything we’ve done before.”

The village of Seneca didn’t just stop at saving people around camp. Our girls continued to empower each other and maintain a positive attitude during other programs such as SSL (Seneca Soccer League). Multiple times this week, Seneca has congregated on the S-Field in Seneca to compete in friendly competition with one another in the form of a soccer tournament. The five teams consisting of Bangladesh (white), Brazil (green), Djibouti (blue), Papa New Guinea (black), and Zimbabwe (grey) take turns rotating around and either competing in a 20-minute game or practicing a half-time performance. Emma E. from the Bangladesh team came off the field today after a rousing game against the team of Brazil saying that “SSL is really fun because you get to be with your sisters and play with them even though you’re competing against them.” The girls will continue in this tournament for the rest of the session and we will make sure to keep everyone updated on the progress made by each team!

Overall, the past few days have continued to shape Seneca into a village that consistently represents girl-power and supporting one another throughout anything and everything. I, as well as the rest of the Seneca staff, cannot wait to see our girls continue to spread this positive energy to each other and throughout camp.

That’s the scoop for now!



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