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Yesterday was a pretty relaxing day here at CSL. Saturday mornings always begin with a sleep in and bagels in the village for breakfast. After we go to services we have Torah talk to discuss this Shabbat's theme. Then we have lunch and an extended rest hour. The afternoon consists of Shabbat choice, which is a variety of activities including swimming at the Pool or playing sports at Athletics.

"I really liked Shabbat choice. I got to do Digital Media with Markis which meant we got to use his camera and take pictures of other people" Marlow B. 

For our evening program, we had the cutest village night yet. It was Valentine's Day themed. Everyone dressed in red and pink for dinner. Each camper was assigned a buddy to make a Valentine for. Then we decorated cookies and had a dance party. 

"Last nights village night was super fun. I liked playing hearts and arrows which was like the game Coke and Pepsi. Decorating cookies was my favorite part! I made my Valentine a really nice card!" Ruby F.

That's all for now from the Big-O!



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