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Over the last few days, the Tuscarorans have taken part in a variety of programs designed to enhance their minds and prepare them for the vigorous 48 hours that is The Color War. 

Instead of doing a half-triathlon as some Tusc campers have done in the past, we decided to have them complete time trials so that they could be more aware of what their personal times were in order to train and best themslves. Triathlon is about comepting against yourself, not others. They all took to this concept with an open mind and great camraederie, with everyone cheering each other on and running with one another. I cannot wait to see the teamwork on display when the real Triathlon happens in just ten(!) days.

Next, we were pleased to welcome Paul Underberg and Betsy Wahlquist to the village for Tusc History Night. Betsy and Paul were the founders of Tuscarora, and the kids bombarded them with questions about everything ranging from old camp, to Tusc, to their opinions on what we were doing in the village today. It was awesome to see such different generations of camp people interacting on such a personal and passionate level. It was clear to all of us just how passionate the two of them are, and that has definitely rubbed off on the senior campers at just the right time.

Finally, on a slightly different note, the Tuscarorans were challenged to a softball game against Mohawk and Seneca. In years past, the teams have all dressed in one color to show unity, but our kids decided to take a different route. The whole village came together to dress as crazily as they possibly could. Tutus, leather jackets, shabbat clothes, shower caps, wrestling singlets - you name it they wore it. What was truly special was that not just the people playing in the game dressed up, but all of Tusc dressed up...this is how they were united. They were united by their wackiness and individuality. The game was fantastic and lots of smiles were on everyone's faces as we all watched eachother compete in such weird getups. We ended up winning, but that didn't stop our campers from shaking everyone's hands and congratualting the other villages on a job well done. The epitome of sportsmanship and camp leadership.

With all of this positive energy and opportunity to lead and grow, I believe that The Color War couldn't be coming at a better time. Sometimes this program is a jolt to the senior campers, as they aren't ready for the responsibility handed to them. I am a strong believer that our kids are more than ready and will shock the world with their preapredness and mental fortitude. 

Until next time!

Jake Henning, Tuscarora AUH & Media Represntative 




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