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Night 1

Break – Following an all camp Judaica program, the camp was seated on the Tennis Courts and told to watch as Tusc explained their Torah portion. Instead of giving their explanation, Tusc set off baking soda and vinegar “volcanoes” in red and blue. As soon as the colors were set off, the camp moved into the flag pole field to collect their red and blue apparel and begin to form their teams.

Signature: The Brilliance – Signatures are events within the Color War in which all members of each team are competing in a task simultaneously. These are the most inclusive of the events and a camper favorite. The Brilliance was the opening Signature of The Color War this year. Campers and staff completed a glow stick chain, set off luminaries, and plugged in string lights to decide which side of the flag pole field they would claim as their color, red or blue.  Blue team was the first to claim their Village.

Signature: The Tug – Following The Brilliance, teams gathered at the top of the field, split into age groups and waited for their turn to compete in The Tug. The Tug was a game of tug-of-war in which each village pulled a tractor tire attached to a rope in tug-of-war style. The twist of this Signature is that after each round, the tire stayed where it was, it was not moved back into the middle. In the last round, Red team Tusc had pulled the tire the farthest.

Day 1

The Olympiad: Round 1 – The Olympiad is a series of 7 sports played in 5 rounds throughout the program. Each sport is played by a different age group during each round. At the end of the program, every camper has participated in The Olympiad at least once. The Blue team, winning 5 of the 7 sports, won this morning’s round.

The Compendia: Neptunian – Compendia is a Color War event in which all of camp is allocated into separate smaller events that all happen within a given time block. This morning was the Neptunian round, which took place at the Waterfront.

Signature: The Pressure – The Pressure consisted of a classic Color War activity; water brigade. All of camp, excluding Tusc, used cups and buckets to get water from the lake into large tanks located at the opening of the Fire Circle. These tanks were then used to fill water balloons, which ultimately were thrown by Tusc in order to knock down a pyramid of red and blue trashcans. In the end, the Blue team won.

We have two more Signatures; two more rounds of Olympiad; and The Village and Athenian Compendia left in Day 1 – see you tomorrow.


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