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Yesterday, The Color War ended. It's a two and a half day CSL tradition where two teams, red and blue, compete to be crowned the winner. They compete in various smaller events, such as basketball, soccer, centerpiece creation, sudoku, etc. There are also unique larger, full team events called Signatures. Long term creative projects are worked on throughout the program and are presented at the end. 

This summer, I had a hand in planning The Color War. It was one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences of my life. We met every night for at least three hours from early July to the start of The Color War. Everyone on the planning committee put in an immense amount of effort and work to make the best possible program we could make. 

The program broke Sunday evening when Tuscarorans shot red and blue vinegar and baking soda out of water bottles. Everyone went wild, received their teams and apparel, and competed in the first two signatures of the program. Throughout the next two days, teams went head to head in small and large athletic, creative, and intellectual events. In the end, the red team was victorious.

The planning committee and I were not on red or blue. We wore black for the duration of the program because we were the facilitators along with some CSL alumni and this summer's IsraeLITs. We were constantly running around, moving materials, and setting up events and activities. We were not able to participate in the program we had created because it was our job to make sure everything worked and ran smoothly. 

It was the best Color War experience I've ever had. Is it fun to be on a team and duke it out against your opponent? Sure, of course it is. However, planning and executing a program on the scale of The Color War was an experience like no other. I cannot express how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to help with The Color War. I will never forget it.

Noah Salomons 


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