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"Color War was a great experience even though I lost. I feel like it will definitely be one to remember. Especially to be after Ari Baum's legacy to have a great Color War like that, it was a great experience for everyone to have. It was really close. Blue made a great comeback, but wasn't enough. Red team just outplayed Blue. Not much else to say than I just really liked that Color War."

Alex W. Mohawk

"Color War was an incredibly rewarding experience. It challenged the entire team both physically and mentally to become our best selves. Everyone was able to work in a cohesive matter to achieve both small and large goals. The highlight of the program for me was performing in The Showcase which allowed me to perform my talent (played ukulele and sang). While it would have been great to win, just being a part of the program was enough in itself."

Alex P. Tusc

"I thought it was really Intense. Everyone was working really well together. We all tried really hard to win. My favorite event was The Pressure because it was challenging and fun. All of the signatures were the most important thing because they involved everyone. Everyone told me I should come in August because Color War is really fun, but I didn't realize it would be so intense. I liked that!" 

Dani B. Onondaga 

"I have been a part of three Color Wars. I've been on Blue all three years. It's a lot of hard work, but it's really fun. My favorite event in Color War was The Showcase because there are very few activities in Camp when you get to dance and compete. Overtake was also really fun. We sprinted around in a circle trying to out run the other team. Color War taught us it is ok to lose if you're having fun."

Leah S. Onondaga

"It was a really good experience. It was fun and everybody was included in everything. My favorite part was Overtake because I was able to be the first runner and lead my team to a win. The highlight of the program was the ending when we found out who won."

Ryan H. Cayuga 

"I was on Red and we won. I thought both teams tried their best and did amazing. There were so many events to choose from, I can't pick a favorite. The moment during the last signature when our balloon popped and we won the signature, I was really excited. Color War was a lot of fun and it was really well programmed. We all contributed to our victory, it wasn't just one person that led us to victory."

Dylan C. Seneca

"This year was my first Color War. It was very fun and exciting. During the year my friend kept Color War a surprise, so I did not realize it was so intense and we'd have silent meals. My favorite event was Gaga even though we lost. I'm very excited for next years Color War."

Ava R. Seneca

"It was one of the greatest experiences I have had. It was so fun and energetic. It was never a blowout, it was neck and neck the entire time. My favorite thing was The Chain Link. Even though we lost it was really fun. The coolest moment of Color War was The Showcase seeing everyone's performance come together. It was so awesome."

Lorenn A. Mohawk

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