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Cayuga is having the best time ever at the moment!

With CFL (Cayuga Football League) ending, the whole of Cayuga went to the M Field and played! From previous games the game results put teams into seeds, every team then played knockout until there was only one team that had been unbeaten and this was my team that I coached called the "Trailer Titans"! 

Today was also the day that we said goodbye to our 2 week campers, they left early on Thursday! And the whole staff are sad to see them all go. We also had a fun evening program with the Onondaga village ( youngest female campers). It was music themed, the two villages were split Into smaller groups. There were various stations scattered around camp from how to make a beat, musical chairs, match the lyric and many more. After that the groups had to go around camp and play the game Name That Tune. At each station if they managed to answer correctly they would then get a material such as a cone or broom. The objective was to get as many materials so they could then do their own rendition to a song in front of everyone.

There was a big/little program in Cayuga recently, this was where the Tusc girls all got a Cayugan little brother! Once they were assigned they then got too know each other! They then ate dinner together, after that the program started this entailed the CSL Yacht club. There were various events going on around the pool area for example to name a few there was Throwing Water Balloons at targets, Caricature drawings and boat racing. In each event they had to win so they got get admission to the Admirals Club this was full of sweets and drinks! 

It's been a super busy, fun and exciting time in Cayuga at the moment and everyone is a having the best time ever, and making life long memories!

Signing off,

Matt Helman

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