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Those are the exact words that were heard by all of the camp from Tusc right before The Color War broke. This year, The Color War was just like any past Color War. The tension in the air, Red vs. Blue, Fighting for your teams right to victory. The Color War though was unlike any other color war. In the words of Program Director, Neil Pickus, this was the most professional and sportsmanlike Color War in camp history. The Color War break was Sunday night after the evening program and lasted until Tuesday night. For many Mohawk Campers, this was not their first Color War, but for some, it happened to be an amazing experience.

 “This was my first Color War and I don’t regret chanting for it, it was amazing the activities were awesome. I think it helped with teamwork amongst people you do not know and with making new friends. What I didn’t expect was that there were no fights about what team was better when you get back to your village. When I first came to camp I thought that it wouldn’t be as exciting as it was but I was completely wrong.”- Logan P., M-3

Color War ended after some long but grueling two days of hard work and energy. While most of Camp thought the Blue team would take home the three-peat, the Red team took home the victory for the year. Once the winner was announced, cheers were heard on one side while tears were shed from the Blue team. The teams then went to embrace each other and show that the true camp spirit of sportsmanship never died. Teams soon gathered by villages to collectively become one camp once the program was over. Camp forms bonds between people, it doesn’t break them apart.

Soon after The Color War had ended, Camp was back to normal. Villages were cheering in the Dining Hall, making a ruckus trying to be the best and the loudest village. All was going well. Not even 48 hours later, Oldest Mohawk was off on their tiyul to Watkins Glen. The views were incredible and the campers had an amazing time.

“The tiyul was more fun than I expected, I had thought it would be a normal hike on some hill or something but instead it was a trek next to rapids and giant drops in the ravine that we hiked in. the food was good we ate potatoes with a multitude of items on top. Sleeping was as expected. But for some reason, I felt well rested afterward. To wrap things up, the hike was more fun than expected.” - Josh S., M-6

The Village of Mohawk is now preparing for Mohawk/Onondaga Shabbat this weekend. The campers have been working with the lovely village of Onondaga to create speeches, decorations, performances, and much more to produce the most fantastic Shabbat they can.

Signing off,

Josh Fenster


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