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Today was our final bike trip as Tuscarora 2017. Not only did the kids feel stronger because of all our practicing, but they were excited to complete another event as a group. We got pizza for lunch and hung out at a local playground, despite the heat and many hills there was enthusiasm and excitement throughout the whole trip! As the summer comes to a close, the campers continue to push themselves and get after every opportunity presented to them and we could not be more proud for how far they have come.

Madeline Heilbronner, Tuscarora EVSP

We have reached the last week of our summer, or perhaps more well-known as "The Sprint", in Tuscarora. With so much packed into their last few days as campers, the senior campers of 2017 are sure to be tired come their last day. However, they have been working all summer, and for many, their whole childhoods at camp for this opportunity. I know for a fact that they will refuse to stop working and having fun. It's a sprint, and they aren't slowing down anytime soon.

Jake Henning, Tuscarora AUH & Media Representative 




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