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Yesterday was a very normal day at the Waterfront. It was a very nice change of pace from the crazy days we've been having here at CSL. It's necessary to just have a regular day every once in a while.

In the morning I paddled with oldest Seneca, S-5 and S-6. It was pretty windy, as it usually is now, so we canoed and kayaked. The girls were pretty tired from Seneca Day the day before, so we didn't do anything requiring too much energy. We ended up just paddling upwind, linking together, and telling stories and playing games as we drifted. It was very relaxing and fun. Afterwards, everyone participated in a meditation session. It was amazing. 

Lunch was some delicious meatball subs. Definitely one of the best meals all summer. 

The afternoon was the last hobby session before culmination. Unfortunately, it stormed, so we were unable to go out on the water. However, I had previously created a series of Family Feud categories that were camp related. It was a good time for everyone involved. The storm did not rain out our spirits.

Overall, the day was a fairly relaxed one. Everyone was able to unwind from their respective village day activities. It was a good day at the Waterfront.

Noah Salomons


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