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Even though the end of camp is drawing ever closer, that hasn't changed the mood in Cayuga one bit!

One of our evening programs was that the Hershey Kisses machine broke and it scattered Hershey Kisses all around camp, they were taped to trees or buildings and the campers were let loose throughout the camp to find as many as they could! Each camper had a bag and who ever filled it up the most won. 

As well as that, the senior campers (Tusc) had their Triathlon which they had been training for the entire summer! During this period Cayuga watched, cheered and played different sports. As well as using a dunk tank, to dunk their Staff!

It was hobby culmination as well, this is when every hobby has their final hobby session and they do what they have been building towards for example. One of the bigger hobbies is Swim The Lake. For a whole session they work on this by running and swimming, in preparation for this final day. At the end of the hobby session, the whole of camp went to watch Swim The Lake hobby swim into shore and congratulate them! We all sat in the O-Rec and watched some of the hobbies give out awards to campers that showed a positive and engaged mentality during the session as well as a roundup video of all the hobbies!

We had an evening program with the Onondaga village as well! The Cayugans had a choice of what program area they wanted to go to in the evening period! They chose the Waterfront, Cayuga got split into 4 different speed-boats as they made waves for all the staff who were in the middle of the lake on paddle boards! The objective was to make the staff fall into the water!

Signing off,

Matt Helman

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