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Hobby Culmination for Waterskiing wrapped up yesterday and it went as well as it could have. As has been the story this session, it was unfortunately too choppy to ski. However, we planned ahead and had some fun activities for the campers.

The main activity was banana boating. Everyone who wanted to ride on it had the chance and every group had a lengthy amount of time to have fun on the banana boat. However, groups had to a lot of waiting for their turn. While they waited, the campers had the option of paddle boarding, making signs to "protest" the wind, and learning to tie the monkey fist knot. The monkey fist knot looks like a large ball at the end and is used practically when needed to throw a rope somewhere. For our purpose, it just looks really cool.

Overall, Waterskiing Hobby is Session Two went well. The campers and I very much wish the weather could have been more cooperative, but it's out of our hands. Thankfully, everyone had great attitudes the whole session and had fun no matter what we did.  

Despite not being able to ski as much as we would like, there was more new slalomers this session than I think I've ever seen in any previous session. Additionally, three skiers stood out from the group every hobby session. The winners of the Holtzman Frank Award for Waterskiing Excellence this session were Teddy Miller, Rachel Wells, and Caty DeBonis.  

Thank you to all the staff and campers who made Waterskiing Hobby great all summer long.

Noah Salomons 


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