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Once a Mohican, always a Mohican. As the clock ticks forward, the days grow shorter. As the days go on, Camp comes closer to the end. It never ceases to amaze me though; the amount of progress Camp makes in seven short weeks. In this time, we manage to prepare and execute a Fight Song, Mass Program, two Final Banquets, a Color War, and two bittersweet final campfires. The campers of CSL have forged a common bond with their love of camp. Tears flow from eyes, laughter ensues, and memories are created.

The campers of Mohawk, have learned what it means to be a village. They have become one unit, one village, one brotherhood. These 71 campers of the village have formed a special place in my heart that I will never forget. The motto of the summer was to leave camp better than how you found it. I can say for sure that the village of Mohawk has left camp better than how they found it. They have held camp in their highest priority making sure that camp not only stays clean but also stays happy and spirited.

Mohawk and CSL have had a great impact on my life and the lives of those who have gone through this place. Just because we leave doesn’t mean that we must forget about camp. Keep camp in your mind and in your heart. Camp lives on in those who pass through CSL and the stories and traditions are passed down from generation to generation.


Signing off for the last time,

Joshua V. Fenster

Mohawk Media Rep

"On the last day, we will cry. to Mohawk we say goodbye. the place we love so much. Take advantage of every moment"-Mohawk Fight Song 2017



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