Camp Seneca Lake's "CSL in Israel" program is our immersive Israel experience for rising high school seniors. This month-long program exposes participants to the beauty, depth, and complexity of Israel from the inside out. Participants will travel the entire country - hiking, touring, tasting, learning, and exploring. Each Shabbat will be celebrated with a different community, enabling participants to experience some of the many ways that Israelis celebrate and observe Shabbat. The program includes time at several kibbutzim, as well as in all major cities. Additionally, the participants will spend some time with families in Modi'in, Rochester's "P2G" community in Israel.

Camp Seneca Lake works with BBYO Passport to operate this great program. BBYO is the leading, worldwide, pluralistic Jewish youth movemenyt currently spanning 55+ countries and engaging more thatn 65,000+ teens as the principal provider of Jewish travel and service-learning. Organized in tandem with expert local travel partners, BBYO programs combine the best of informal education and travel expertise.

BBYO has extensive experience operating teen summer trips. CSL staff work closely with BBYO Passport staff to ensure the CSL in Israel experience best meets our community's needs. On the ground during the summer, BBYO Passport provides a licensed tour guide with experience working with teens, a medic/security guard, and a bus driver, while CSL provides a trip leader.

Camp Seneca Lake is proud of our CSL in Israel program, and of our commitment to helping our teenage campers experience Israel through CSL. 

2022 CSL in Israel Dates: Tuesday, June 28th - Tuesday, July 19th 

For more information about the CiT Program please contact the
CSL Team at or at 585-461-2000 x224.