Hobbies are an enormous part of the CSL experience - all campers have the opportunity to specialize in an area of their choosing.  While a significant portion of the camp schedule is dedicated to bunk time across the various specialty areas, campers spend several hours a week focusing on their own specific passions- whether athletic, artistic, on the waterfront, or over the fire pit.  CSL Hobby offerings span the imagination for all campers of all ages and have deliberately evolved with camper's interests over time.

Below is an abreviated list of Hobbies that have been offered in the past:

Junior Sports Zone
Pit Cooking
Guitar & Music
Waterskiing (Mohawk/Seneca/Tuscarora)
Wakeboarding (Mohawk/Seneca/Tuscarora)

and many more!

Session 1 2017 Hobbies

Session 2 2017 Hobbies