The most recognizable program at CSL, Color War has grown to be the favorite competition for many campers and staff since beginning in 2007. This intense two-day, two-team program involves a little something for everyone- whether it be events like dodgeball, canoe race, creating an art installation, or full team events like Operation Destruction, or fire race. Color War is the very essence of CSL and the very height of spirited competition.
This one-day, all camp program revolves around a central theme. Your teams could be competing to be the champion professional wrestler, the medieval conqueror that gains the most land, or the stranded passengers that make it off the island. Camp is broken into 3-5 teams, allowing for everyone to create closer bonds outside of their village. Campers and staff compete in various team, group, and individual challenges to gain points and reign supreme.
As a competition among villages, Fight Song seeks to strengthen village pride and unity. Popular songs are rewritten with camp-specific lyrics, dance moves are choreographed, and head-to-toe costumes are donned for the big show. Campers get the chance to let their talents shine and develop new skills on their quest to be crowned the next champion of Fight Song- and performance night is truly mesmerizing!
An opportunity for campers and staff to come together and celebrate both physical fitness and a theme. Just like a "Relay for Life" or a charity 5k race, the CSL Run's mission is to raise awareness, and give everyone in camp an opportunity to support a cause larger than themselves. The running track is divided into a short and long track to accommodate different skill levels. The CSL Run is for people of all ages and abilities- we encourage everyone to make at least one trip around the track, and to take part in some of the alernative activities such as an obstacle course bounce house, and square dancing.
Campers in Cayuga and Onondaga are paired with a big brother or sister from Tuscarora, who will serve as their friend and mentor throughout the session. There are specific evening programs that brothers and sisters will do together, as well as designated meals throughout the week where they get to eat as a family. As Tuscarorans continue on at camp, many get the chance to be a counselor for a camper that used to be their little brother or sister!
A favorite night for many, Campstock allows campers and staff to share their talents with the rest of the community. Campers and staff members work alone, in groups, or together with their bunk to make skits, dances, magic tricks, and more to put on at the show!
Tikkun Olam, (Hebrew for "repair of the world"), is a day where campers and staff work together on projects to beautify camp. It provides a sense of responsibility and ownership of the space they choose to call home for the summer, and lets campers make their mark in a positive way. Previous projects have included fixing trails, building the Saturday morning service area, and beautifying the signage around camp!