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Sherm's Stories

  • 8/5/2018 9:30:05 PM
Color War XII is the marquee program of Summer 2018. It spans two full days, breaking on the morning of Sunday, August 5th and culminating on the night of Monday, August 6th. Teams each have one general and eight captains to facilitate delivering the program to Camp Seneca Lake. Color War XII is designed to drive a wedge between two halves of camp, forcing them to compete in every manner imaginable, before reuniting the camp for one final push to end the summer.

Day 1:

Break: The break is the big reveal to camp that Color War has begun. The Tusc campers had the program broken to them the night before in order to provide a leadership role to them, as well as allow them to help facilitate the camper experience. Directly after breakfast, all the campers left the Dining Hall for what they thought was lost and found. After Neil said “thank you,” red and blue smoke grenades went off releasing red and blue smoke, signifying that Color War XII has officially begun. The Tusc campers emerged from behind a truck wearing their apparel. Dramatic music played and the campers started yelling and jumping up and down after they realized Color War XII had begun.

Signature 1 - The New Unknown: A signature is a competition that involves all campers and staff together. The first signature was called "The New Unknown." Campers had to find their names on tires which revealed their team color. They then had to run through an obstacle course and line up with their team. Whoever accomplished both the fastest won the first Signature of Color War XII. Blue won "The New Unknown."

Clashes: Clashes are events broken out by village. There are 5 Clash events, and every group rotates to a different one in each of the 5 Clash rounds. These events include Tug-of-War, Soccer the Rack (soccer game with 6 goals and balls), Overtake (running in a circle trying to catch the person in front of you), Trenchball (a variation of dodgeball), and Circle Games (gaga and overtake combined).

Assemblage: The Assemblage are a series of standard break-out events, divided into Brawn (athletic) and Brain (intellectual and creative). These events are the same throughout the 5 rounds, but the people who participate in each event change. Assemblage events include Trivia, Mural, Plaque, Speedball/Soccer, Gaga, Basketball, Track and Field, Word Games, and more. Every camper, with the exception of those in the Parable and Throne, participate in each of the 5 Assemblage rounds. The first three assemblage rounds were tied 9 - 9.

Throne: The Throne is a long term project executed throughout the entire program where a group of campers and staff are assigned to decorate a throne (Adirondack chair) for their General. At the end of the program, the throne will be presented to all of camp.

Parable: The Parable is a one act experience, consisting of singing, dancing, and acting that is practiced throughout the program and then performed on the final night. It is performed in accordance with the throne presentation.

Signature 2 - Island Hop: Island Hop is a variation of the traditional game of capture the flag. There are six flags of each color and in order to win, one team must get all six flags into their “end zone.” The playing field is split into sections of alternating colors so that each team must cross the opposing team’s line multiple times before reaching their end zone. Blue won.

Signature 3 - The Convergence: In this signature, campers had to throw balls into trash cans. Once they made as shot, they received a glowstick to create a chainlink with their village on the basketball court fence. Blue won.

Here is what some of the campers have to say about Color War XII:

Hammy H. (S-4) Blue Team: “The break was really amazing. There was perfect planning, me and my friends all liked it. Clash is actually very fun and I enjoy participating. I try my best and I notice the people around me are too.”

Sophie G. (S-5) Red Team (first Color War): “The break was really cool and it was very unique. I liked how The New Unknown Signature involved finding your own team. It really set up the level of intensity for the rest of the program. Clash is also cool and it’s a nice way to be a village of two colors, but also work together as your own team.”

Oliver G. (M-5) Red Team: "I like The Clash events. I played Gaga and Overtake. We lost but it was still fun. It took a lot of team work, communication and intensity and even though we lost, we still had a lot of fun."

Reid Bloomberg and Jacob Kleinberg (C-1) Red Team: “It’s our first Color War and it’s so fun! We like everything we’ve done so far!”

Ella S. (S-2) Blue Team: “My favorite event is Overtake. I love the suspense and it takes a lot of effort.”

Hannah N. (O-2) Red Team: “Color War is very competitive and very competitive.”

Tomorrow will be a long, yet exciting, day for CSL as we continue our battle of Red versus Blue. We have four more signatures, two more Assemblage rounds, two more Clash rounds, both Throne presentations, and both Parables. Be sure to stay updated on the program tomorrow through our Instagram (@CSL_Official).

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