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Sherm's Stories

  • 8/6/2018 7:25:52 PM

Day 2:

This morning there were two signatures, Fill and Spill and A Game of Inches. There was also one round of Assemblage (traditional breakout events). After lunch there was one round of Clash, the final round of Assemblage, and one signature, called The Library. 

Signature 4 - Fill and Spill: Teams were tasked with throwing tennis balls to knock over garbage bins while the other team tried to fill them up with water balloons. Red won.

Signature 5 - A Game of Inches: Team members tied ropes to connect to different stations that had fire building materials, including wood and toilet paper.. The Tusc campers were tasked with sinking the war canoes in order to get the lighter from the bottom. Once the ropes reached the fire and the Tusc campers got the lighter, staff members lit the fire to burn their rope. Blue won. 

Signature 6 - The Library: Each team had one side of the dining hall with many decks of cards on the ground. Each team had to build 12 decks of cards. Once they completed that, the Tusc campers received a sentence to unscramble, that gave them a code to a trunk with their flag in it. Red won. 

After dinner, there will be one final round of Clash, the two Parable performances and Throne presentations, and the final signature, before the winner is revealed. 

The Parable performances will be live-streamed on Instagram (@CSL_Official) tonight at 8:15 PM EST.  

The winner of Color War XII will be revealed on Instagram.


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