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The Daga Sagas

  • 8/19/2018 10:30:00 AM
Today we embarked on our final day at Camp Seneca Lake 2018. We celebrated the session with a well done banquet and closed the night with a reflective Final Campfire. The staff of Onondaga selected one member of Oldest Onondaga, Lindsay Schraeder, as she embodies the qualities of what it means to be a true Onondagan and has emerged as a great leader this summer. Mel, the Onondaga Unit Head, spoke on behalf of the village and illustrated the Onondaga summer perfectly. Both Mel and Lindsay's speeches are below. 

"A few days ago I was walking through Onondaga and looking around at the village. Everyone was at periods at that point there was no one there besides me. I looked around at the village. The sprinkler was tipped over in the middle of the village, there were towels and bathing suits hanging to dry on the porches, there were wet shoes lined up outside the cabin to dry. I could picture all of you playing and laughing at rest hour and making all your own fun and memories and doing what onondogans do best. As I looked around the village I thought about how the village looked before any of you got here at the beginning of the summer. Still beautiful but empty and lonely. You all have filled the village of Onondaga with life and memories. Onondaga is a beautiful place, however it is so much more special when you are all here to fill it with noise, love and memories. This summer the onondogans have taught me the importance and specialness of each other's company and support. This group of onondogans have showed me. their ability to make new friends and be there for one another and make whatever we are doing fun. This makes me think of rainy onondogans day when we had you all go swimming in camandaiga lake and it started down pouring. You all embraced that moment and made it the most fun it could possibly be even though the circumstances weren't ideal.  You all showed me that you are at camp for one another and not just yourself. The genuine interactions you all have with each other, the excitement you bring to everyday, and the true interest in learning about each other matters. It matters because the genuine interactions of our lives make us happier and make our lives more meaningful. Thank you onondoga for bringing love and happiness and joy to the once empty and silent village of Onondaga and shaping it into the place we will all know and love forever. " - Melanie Marsh

"Hi, my name is Lindsay and this is my fourth summer at CSL. One of my favorite parts of Onondaga was the positive attitudes Onondagans show everyday. Even when things don't go our way or we aren't doing our favorite activities, we always make the most out of it and end up with lots of new memories. Onondagans never miss an opportunity to have fun or be silly. I will always remember at home and in upcoming camp years to make the most of every moment. The lessons Onondaga have taught me will go with me everywhere in life. They will benefit me as a camper, counselor, student, and adult. In life you have to make many decisions and coming to camp was the best decision I will ever make. Every minute that I am at this beautiful place I savor with all of my heart. I have made my best friends and memories that I will never forget here. I am heartbroken to be leaving tomorrow but I can only be great full for the amazing summer I've had and be excited for CSL 2019. I'm super excited for Seneca, but I will dearly miss Onondaga and it will always have a special place in my heart. I want to thank all of the staff for being so awesome and making this summer the best one yet."

Onondaga, we miss your smiling faces already. Thank you for an amazing summer full of laughter and memories, we can't wait to do it all again next year. 
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