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  • 8/10/2018 12:00:00 PM
Every summer Mohawk has a basketball marathon. The event lasts for hours and often features different games, challenges and competitions. This year we introduced a new challenge, the NBA skills challenge. The event let every bunk compete in a skills test, and shooting test and a dunk contest. The winners from each bunk would compete in 1v1 games; the last camper would be deemed the winner and have their name featured on the plaque.

Jake S. from M-4 was this year’s winner. “It was awesome to put in hours of hard work. I played as much as I could and it means a lot to me to be recognized for it.”

Jake isn’t the only camper who feels content with the way the marathon went. The basketball marathon isn’t fully about the game but about the action. It’s about being able to complete something greater than yourself. We are talking about a collection of young men who spent hours playing basketball and there was never a moment where no balls were being dribbled.

These young men didn’t just complete the marathon but set a new record. The level of care and dedication that takes is truly remarkable. To care enough about an event to dedicate all of your time and energy in it takes a lot.

Eric G. (M-4) explained just how important the record is. “The marathon is a Mohawk tradition and holding the record keeps your oldest year alive. It brings light to the work we have done. For a lot of us we aren’t on any plaques, so it is important for us to do something worth recognition. We want to let everyone know just how we are as an oldest.”

This is something that every age group wants. We want to complete the marathon for Mohawk. We want to do the village justice. Mohican’s learn a lot from the village and we grow a lot over the summers. I can still remember my mom noticing just how I changed every summer. It was only two months but I often felt as if I hadn’t changed but these events do change you. As a camper you never see it, but the effort you put it allows for you to grow. It allows for you to mature.

 It lets you push yourself.

            Owen Sagerman
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