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The Hawk Herald

  • 8/15/2018 6:00:00 PM
As the summer begins to wind down, the village is continuing to apply itself to every day. Last night Mohawk and Seneca participated in a PUP. The program was a sort of point based scavenger hunt. Bunks would go around the General Swim area finding different characters and answer questions. For example, the Darth Vader character asked “who was the voice of Darth Vader in the original trilogy?” Once the campers had gained all the points they could they received prizes. The prizes would consist of party boat rides, plaque history, fort building and so on.
            “The program last night was so cool! We never really get to be in our bunks for programs so running around with them and winning was so much fun.” Cooper C. (M-6).
            “Most programs have a lot of athletic events, but this one had a lot of trivia about some more nerdy topics. I was able to lead my bunk and get us a lot of good points!” Max Z. (M-1).
            “We didn’t get a lot of points but all of the prizes were pretty good so we I had a great time!” Kiran M. (M-2).
            Camp has been a ton of fun this summer and programs like this only add to that. The other day we had a camp wide mud slide that brought smiles to everyone’s faces, and this is despite the torrential downpour. This is something that isn’t just very camp but it’s something that is very CSL. Camp Seneca Lake is special. It has an aura to it that we can all see and feel. In moments like this mass mud slide and the program last night this aura becomes more apparent. The family, life and love that camp possesses are unmatched. Mohawk is a village that has shown this consistently throughout the session. We have pride, joy and a sense of family.
And we push ourselves,
Owen Sagerman
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