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The Hawk Herald

  • 8/19/2018 11:00:00 AM

Thank you all for such an amazing summer. It has been my pleasure to write about the men of Mohawk this year. The following address has our unit head Dan Green's and Ben S. final campfire speeches. 

"When I was a camper, I came home from a summer at camp and wondered how I could take the skills I learned at camp and translate them to the outside world. I always felt like I was my best self at camp and didn’t know how to be that way in every day life. I eventually realized, however, that the mentality I had at camp was just that, a mentality. I took that mentality from Mohawk to Tusc to Israel and to life.

Nevertheless, I took that mentality and now have traveled back to the village of Mohawk. One which is not a one-size-fits-all village. Each year as those within Mohawk change, the village changes. The leadership, the values, and the struggles that the village endures over the course of the summer defines who we are.

This summer we have seen friends come and go, we have eaten 18 sheets of pizza, we have played basketball for 18 straight hours, and we have been there for one another when someone is in need.

This is what defines Mohawk 2018. A brotherhood of strong individuals who have laughed together, who have cried together, and who have grown together. This is not a new trend for Mohawk, regardless of the fact that the village changes each summer, these core truths remain.

I recently had an interaction with my former unit head from when I was in Mohawk. From the time when I was a camper just trying to figure out how to be my best self. We discussed how much had changed, but more than that we discussed how much was the same. It just goes to show that the old adage "once a Mohican always a Mohican" reigns true.

Tonight, the staff and myself have chosen a Mohican who has always led by example and put his heart into ensuring the culture of Mohawk is perpetuated by those young and old in the village. Ben Sak speaks for Mohawk tonight." - Dan Green

"Hi, I’m Ben Sak. I’m in oldest Mohawk and this is my fifth year at camp.

When I started Mohawk I didn’t really know that many kids in my age group. And then when I got to Mohawk things changed. I really got to know all the kids in my age group.

To me, Mohawk is like a family. When I was in youngest, I would look up to the kids in oldest. And now I am in oldest, I’ve been trying my hardest to be that leader that oldest always is. I remember last session on M day we went to a Syracuse Chiefs game and it started pouring rain, but everyone stayed outside and we really got to bond with youngest.

I hope I have been a good leader for youngest and middle, so that they can move on and be leaders when they are in oldest. I know that an oldest of good leaders can help you become a leader yourself. I know because when I was in youngest I had good leaders and kids in my age group had become leaders with me.

Earlier this session, me and a couple kids from my bunk went to youngest to tell stories. I knew I wanted to do that ever since youngest, when my oldest would tell me stories. I knew youngest would love these stories and that they would love getting to know oldest.

All of Mohawk has helped me grow into the person I am today, and I know if I can leave youngest with one memory of oldest I want it to be a good one. I can only hope that oldest Mohawk continues to lead the village when I am gone, and the only way to ensure that is to lead by example. If youngest sees oldest as leaders, then they will try to be like them when they are in oldest."

Once a Mohican always a Mohican.
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