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The Senechronicles

  • 8/12/2018 6:17:48 PM

Hey everyone! Seneca had a such a blast last night. There was a make your own taco cookout, a carnival run by Tusc, and the highly anticipated Campstock acts. Many Senecans did an awesome job performing songs, dances, and skits and everyone loved watching the show! One performer, Layla K. from S-1, says, “At first, my friends and I who were performing were really nervous. But in the end it was really fun to get to perform. The other acts were really good. And great job Tusc for running the carnival.” Also, the whole village was extremely proud of oldest Seneca for putting together a beautiful mashup and performing it in front of everyone.

This morning, we had another hobby session! Rachel L. from S-4 is in pit cooking and was having an excellent time making the different aspects of garbage plate which include french fries, burgers, and macaroni salad. She says, “In our hobby pit cooking, we get to try new cooking techniques and meet kids from different villages. Today, we are making garbage plates and we broke up into committees for each part of the plate. I like pit cooking because I get to learn how to make my own food.” We’re looking forward to SSL this afternoon and a great last week of the summer lies ahead. 







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